Tiles project

The walls often have slopes, openings or obstacles that need to be considered before starting to tile. Therefore, to avoid last minute surprises should project the good work and know that you will meet.


Tile project

Setting a base level that serves as a guide to place the tiles is an essential strategy to ensure that the finish is perfect.

Before launching into tile is important to think about certain details. Obviously, planning will take less time if the wall is smooth and has no openings such as doors and windows. In any case, it should always do is think about what the most visible places are and how to achieve optimum results in them.

The first in line. One aspect that will be considered is the position of the first tile. That is, if the first row is perfectly straight tiling.

Otherwise the remaining tiles will be adding the error and finally will be forced to lift the tiles and replacing it. To avoid reaching that end, so you only need to establish baselines or what is the same, set a basic level at which to place the tiles.


Note that both the sides and the top and bottom margins, ideal tile width is medium.

Only halfway. In the event that it is desired to tile only part of the wall, it is important that the upper row formed by the full tiles. At the end of the day, it is the most visible. To make that happen, you have to draw the line first tiling. Then with a ruler tiled He makes a line of pieces-, it will downline measuring enter few rows.

THE basic level acts as a guide, vertical and horizontal, to place the successive rows with no margin for error.

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