Tiles types and colors for different jobs

Tiles types and colors for different jobs

Types and colors of tiles.

A wall tiled with ceramic tiles of one color (1) can be supplemented with trims, frets and friezes (2) (3).

These can be smooth or embossed, with or without drawing, rustic, narrow or wide, hand-painted …

Another way to add a touch of grace to a smooth wall is including irregularly shaped tiles (4) (6).

If you decide to include some of these ornaments on your tiling, consider that perhaps will change the number of tiles needed.


Decorative effects on tiles

While simply coating a tiled wall and can be seen decorating, also true that there is a range of designs specially designed for aesthetic effect.

This is the case of the tiles to compose wall (10) of those with relief (12) or hand painted (13), glazed tiles (7), the rustic terracotta (8) and sandstone, panels can be purchased from (9) or in individual tiles (11).

You can also include in this group the marble (5).

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