Tips for wallpapering

Tips for wallpapering

Coated walls:

Walls with Style

After many years of neglect, the wallpaper is now enjoying a deserved renaissance or prolific. Manufacturers offer many designs that it is sometimes difficult to choose. And you can still opt for other materials to decorate the walls, fabrics, cork, Japanese papers, vinyl …



Types of coatings

More for less:

There is little material that manufacturers have failed to adapt to the decoration of walls … and more modest economies.

Wall coverings, whether paper, cloth or other material, return to star in the latest trends in decoration. And no wonder: the interior designers have recognized in them a wonderful alternative to paint, which does not require huge investments, and monetary or physical effort and, in his infinite variety of designs and finish, lets you take full advantage each environment.

From traditional, such as enumerating all coatings is impossible, try at least to help, showing the most common. Undoubtedly, patterned papers rank first. Inside they find very varied finishes and designs (although, fortunately, typical of our grandmothers have been superseded by less suffocating). In the second position include hand painted. The finish is very careful, and that is why its price is higher than traditional roles. Joining them are the papers embossings or embossed. Are coatings that represent different designs and patterns, mimicking the gotelé or geometric figures.

Going through the wash. But undoubtedly the most popular are the washable-the vast majority of those sold today. The reason is obvious: thanks to its special coating, resistant to water and corrosive action of detergents, so there will not be stubborn stain persists.

Even special. And as a final point, there are special coatings cork, fabrics, vinyl or sophisticated Japanese. They are more delicate materials, so its use is limited to certain rooms (beware, if you want to install in the kitchen or the bathroom), but the effect is unsurpassed.

When choosing a wallpaper pattern. Do not be misled by attractive design. Note also the decoration of the room.

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