Tips to decorate with polka dots

Polka dots are used in decoration to create different shapes for your room. It is an attractive and funny style for decoration that does not age. The usage of polka dots is considered classic in decoration. They can give joy and originality to your house, and as we have seen polka dots in notebooks, clothes and posters, now we can use them to decorate our own walls.


Polka dots are used for decoration.

Nowadays there are several ways of including polka dots in your rooms. You can find stickers, upholstery and templates paint. Polka dots can be used in dozens of interesting and impressive ways. You can mix big and small polka dots, you can vary the color and the size of the dots and adjust your creativeness to make a customized and unforgettable decoration.


The most used combinations are black and white dots, or metalized colors. These colors can give a stylized and elegant look to your room. When creating your polka dot decoration you should mix funny colors and create irregular forms to give your house an attractive style. You should not exaggerate when using dots. Try to make a small and nice design, but do not cover all of your wall with these resource.


When using polka dots for decorations you need to be careful not to exceed.

Because you can ruin the external aspect of your house with an overloaded decoration.

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