Types of tiles

Types of tiles

A challenge for everyone tiles

Strength, durability, hygiene and easy maintenance are some of the virtues that confer tiles to the walls.

And thanks to its variety of types, shapes, sizes and colors, there is a design for every taste.


Textures and color

Although ceramics are most commonly used, there is a wide range of materials, such as tiles that are imposed in the decor.

The main characteristic of ceramic tiles is its resistance to water, heat and moisture.

So, traditionally used to tile kitchens and bathrooms.

Today, due to the existing range, these tiles can also be an important decorative element in other environments.

The most appropriate size.

The dimensions of the conditioning by room to some extent, the measurement of the tiles.

If you have to cover a large area, it is advisable to use larger pieces to take less time.

Anyway, your personal taste will finally impose the criterion.

In addition to ceramics …

On the distinction and strength, marble is one of the materials that enjoys more acceptance in the wallcovering.

-When trying to create a rustic atmosphere, the most appropriate tile is terracotta.

Being a very porous material (clay), it is advisable to cover them with a waterproofing product, especially if placed in bathrooms.

-The mirror tiles or sheets are ideal for receivers since they expand the space, although it is often used in bathrooms.

-The porcelain, porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles are very resistant, easy to clean and also has a very elegant sheen. They are widely used and adapt to almost any environment and is offered in different designs, sizes and colors.

The ceramic tiles resist wear, are easily cleaned and even support abrasives.

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