Vintage decorations, stylish

Vintage decor, stylish.

We are in the era of vintage decoration style from the past.

As we have seen it mimics vintage furniture and home decorations with an antique touch. Or rescues old and is renewed with some coats have wit.

There are a myriad of styles and ideas in this line, as you will see in the pictures styles vary but retain the same idea, the old.

With few materials and some time what we can do as part of our hobby if we like.

Sanding, painting, furniture, a wall, or an object that comes to mind and you’ll be immersed in the vintage world, you will find it compelling and very welcoming when it comes to enjoy it.

The photos will give us some ideas to do.





Vintage style, with patina.



Vintage walls.




What they have appeared different ideas for vintage styles in furniture and decorative objects walls?

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