Visual effects, murals, and other techniques marbled

Visual effects, murals, and other techniques marbled


Murals, marbled and some other decorative painting techniques get amazing visuals make us able to travel, with only the imagination as a means of transport, from the comfort of the room on a desert island, for example.

Not what it seems

Fool the eye

With the murals just about implementing a clever visual trick is to mimic reality faithfully.

Murals, optical illusions, and these images are called applied on the wall. The trompe term comes from the French term trompe l’oeil, which literally means “trick the eye”. From a tropical beach paradise and made ​​up a simple bookcase, anything is possible with this decorative procedure needed for certain amount of skill, patience and time.


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What got.

With such visual effects may extend apparent a room or make it smaller, always giving it a great touch of personality, originality and, above all, joy. The murals are ideal for decorating smaller rooms with children’s drawings and to create a garden effect to give “air” to a room without windows.

The technique.

Our first tip is to analyze your skill level to project work up to their potential. Prepare the wall with a base coat of paint and choose the picture you want to transfer. With tracing paper, draw your design on paper and draw on a grid, numbering each box. Draw a grid with the same number of cells on the wall, numbering as in the paper. With this guide you can begin to copy the drawing on the wall. Use a soft pencil and when in the sketch, start painting.

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